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Giddion is an intergalactic outlaw with the unique ability to channel the spirit of a Demigod named Karn. Together they wreak havoc aboard different space crafts looking for Giddion's lost baby brother in a platforming, horizontal shooting rampage. 

Giddion has always been the strongest Nibian. He once challenged every warrior across the galaxy to test his boxing prowess. He was also the most troublesome, ignorant and disloyal creature on the planet. When his planet was almost completely destroyed by his ex-employer Kassix Murr, mother nature roared back and created a creature named Karn who became an overwhelming force against Murr. 

The force that was Karn was so overwhelming that Giddion was rehired to defeat him, but, when their forces collided something strange happened. Karn's body transcended the world of the living and Giddion's spirit latched on to the most powerful force on the planet.  Giddion became immortal and very bored with his criminal ways. He decided to turn himself in.

Murr has now kidnapped Giddeon's baby brother and has him held in an unknown facility. It's time to reign Karnage upon all of Murrs disciples. Its time to bust out. 

Install instructions

Follow the instructions when you download and your all set!


kw6.exe 53 MB